Designer's Inspiration

Inspiration that has comes only through you.  I can't thank you enough for all you've taught me.  Through you I've learned more about who I am.  I learned that together we can do anything.  Your demonstration of quality awaken me to a hightened community value.   You taught me the importance of giving back.  I'm still aiming for a 'A" in your class. 

No, never will I leave you or allow your memory to depart from me.  You made the difference for me.  Demonstration and presentation is the best way I've found to tell you how important you have been for healing and growth.  It is because of you that I came to a solid understanding of who I am.  

The making of a hat is very scientific on many levels.  Through you I learned patience.  I had to learn it because you would not put just any ole thing on your head.  It has to be perfect in a way and from a place that only you can determine.

It has been my greatest gift to get as close as possible to you to study the rythm of the lady in the hat.  Truly I got more than I could of ever have bargined for to sit as close to the lady in the hat.   I looked up one day and there you were all around me on every turn.  It was as if we met up one day after a long while and you called my name and gave me this assignment to design your hats.  

I wasted not a moment.  It's been seven years and I've given it my all in study and practice.  I do aim to please for I have a debt to pay to society.  Through you I've been give a leg up on the journey.  Oh, you've taugh me so many things.  Yet for me it all just comes simply back to let's make a hat for you are my queen.

All in all my inspiration is sewn up and molded in a deep desire to present back to what you have provided in me.  "The Look of Quality Makes A Lasting Impression"

Thank you for keeping me in the groove.  I thank God for your long lasting stand in endurance.  You deserve only the best.